Yoni - Organic Cotton Tampons (Heavy 16)

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Yoni presenting 100% certified organic cotton tampons and not with the blend of rayon. Yoni Tampons are easy, comfortable to use and compact which is great for stashing in your purse. Yoni Team believes every woman should know about the materials used in manufacturing hygiene products and what’s the outcome of it We care for you - Yoni tampons are made without compromising the quality! No plastics, perfumes, pesticides or other synthetics are used in Yoni tampons which reduces the chance of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Say Yes to chemical-free, safe periods with Yoni organic tampons, made in Slovenia.



• Chemical Free
• Made of 100% certified Organic Cotton
• Plastic Free
• Biodegradable & Breathable
• No Pesticides
• Environment Friendly
• Perfect Protection
• Highly Absorbent

Importer Details

NXT Ecommerce Solutions India Pvt Ltd.,Tower B,5th Floor,RMZ Infinity,Swami Vivekananda Rd,Bennigana Halli,Bangalore 560016 , Karnataka


How To Use

Tampons are super absorbent, comfortable to use and compact.


Ingredients / Composition

100% certified organic cotton