Radico Organic Majistha Powder - 100 g

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Radico Organic manjistha Root Powder is used for hair. it is safe and chemical free.it is widely used by those people who desire to get benefit from its natural property.
  • Contains no harmful symthetic chemicals.
  • Prevents hair fall nourishes hair.
  • Kindly conduct sensitivity test before use.
  • It fight dandruff, controls hairfall,purify the scalp.
its is boon for those presons who are sensitive nad allergic to chemicals.

Country of origin: India

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How to use:

  • 1)MakePasteofthispowderwithwaterinratio1:3togetpastelikeyogurt. 2)Applytoyourhair&wrapwithplasticwrap. 3)LeaveitonyourHairfor1hour. 4)WashyourhairtillthewaterrunsclearandenjoythebenefitoforganicHerbalHennaPowder.


  • OrganicmanjisthaRootPowder

Manufacturer: Radico

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Size: 100 g