Sesame Oil

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The sesame oil has been used in the Indian kitchen since the time of the ancients. It has wonderful health benefits including reduced body heat, shiny skin, and a well balanced internal being. This is a must have cooking and frying oil that must replace the fattening and cholesterol-prone ‘refine oils’ available in the market!

Our organic sesame oil is also the perfect oil to turn to during the summer. For decades it has been used by the Indians in order to treat body heat. An unbalanced diet can result in over body heat which can cause multiple discomforts. It has been the Indian tradition to apply excessive sesame oil on the hair & scalp as the oil has numerous properties that reduce the heat and cure many internal problems.

Directions (Eating): Use Bio Organic & Natural’s organic sesame for frying or cooking. The smell of crushed sesame seeds is more rich and pure in our oil because of the way it is extracted.To be stored away from sunlight. BON appetite! :)

Directions (Hair): Take Bio Organic & Natural’s organic sesame oil and apply generously onto hair & scalp and massage gently focusing on the scalp. Continue to massage for about 5 minutes. If you’ve got a pair of hands to help you massage, even better, sit back and enjoy as the oils is absorb into the roots. After about 30 minutes of leaving the oil in your hair, wash it off with your regular hair shampoo routine.