Herbal Strategi Petitgrain Essential Oil - 50 ml

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Ever wondered if you could keep your home clean and your family healthy and refreshed without relying on strange manufactured chemicals? Yes, now you can, with essential oils!  Essential oils have been used for thousands of years as remedies, skin therapies, and personal fragrances. They are extracted directly from the bark, flower fruit, leaves, nut, resin, or root of a plant or tree, and just one drop can provide the amazing health benefits that each oil provides. The world of essential oils is vast, intriguing, and honestly, a tad confusing as there are hundreds of essential oils, each with their own unique therapeutic powers and health benefits. So, it’s important to know which ones are the most effective in treating the condition you’re looking to improve. Here, at Herbal Strategi, we absolutely love essential oils. The list is long, but after careful research we have narrowed the top best essential oils that can help you the most! Petitgrain Essential Oil Derived from the bitter orange tree, Petitgrain oil is extracted from the fresh leaves and young and tender twigs of the orange tree through steam distillation. Petitgrain Oil possesses an aroma that is sweet, yet tart with subtle floral and woody characteristics. It blends especially well with citrus, floral and wood oils. It’s a joy to work with for aromatic blending. Benefits: Effective Antispasmodic Agent-Helps in curing chronic cough, muscular cramps, intestinal cramps and convulsions Prevents Sepsis Natural Deodorant Cures Depression, Reduces Anxiety and Treats Insomnia Ingredients:100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil Practical ways to use Petitgrain Oil: Topical: Apply it topically on your skin with carrier oil in order to stimulate fresh and youthful appeal; can be applied to the face at night to relieve and soothe sensitive skin or to the skin blemishes or imperfections. Also, apply Petitgrain with a carrier oil to the under arms to help reduce excessive perspiration and reduce odor. Aromatic: Place a few drops in a commercially bought diffuser to create your own aromatherapy at home, office, or car. This will induce a relaxing sensation and be used to treat problems like abnormal palpitations, hypertension, and insomnia. What to watch out for! Essential oils are natural but powerful. Some people may develop an allergic reaction to any oil so it’s always best to try a little by doing a small skin patch test on your arm or leg (never your face or neck) to make sure you don’t have an adverse reaction. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. Avoid direct sunlight.