Herbal Strategi Mosquito Repellent Incense Stick - 40 Sticks

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SKU: YLOS-1107
Mostick - Citronella Incense sticks, Mosquito Agarbatti A whiff of enchanting fragrance and your heart and mind is filled with positive energy! Now, experience the spiritual world with Mostick - Citronella Incense sticks, Mosquito Agarbatti. The two-in-one herbal mosquito incense stick has the ability to clear your mind with mesmerising fragrance and protects you from mosquito bites. Made of natural ingredients like plant extracts and aromatic oils, the Herbal Strategi's citronella incense stick is absolutely safe and eco-friendly. A natural way to keep mosquitoes at bay, the Mostick when lit gives a subtle Tulsi fragrance that enhances your mood and creates a pleasant ambience. It is 100% chemical free and is a good substitute for chemical-based products that can be harmful at times. A herbal mosquito repellent is also an excellent option for people who are allergic to mosquito mats. This product, however, is not recommended to be used indoors - opt to use them only outside the house, in places such as the terrace, balcony and a home garden. Use it at the entrance of your balcony to ward away the mosquitoes. But, if it is lit indoors, please ensure windows are kept open in order to allow mosquitoes to fly away. Itchy, scratchy nights, especially during power-cuts can be a thing of the past. Just burn a stick and enjoy a long session of an undisturbed chit-chatting session with your family members or friends. You can also use this amazing product to create an ordinary day to an extraordinary romantic night for your husband or wife. Instead of using a chemical-based air freshener, try Mostick and experience the magic. Things you need to know: Pack Size:The mosquito repellent agarbatti contains 10 stick x 12 pouches in a pack and is sure to last you a whole month. How to Use it:This repellent agarbatti is totally safe and like other incense sticks, the coated end has to be lit with a match stick. Blow out the flame. Place the stick in an incense holder. Where to use it: Recommended to be used outdoors especially in garden areas, terrace, balcony or at the entrance of doors and windows of living room/dining room. If Mostick is lit indoors, please ensure windows are kept open in order to allow mosquitoes to fly away. The product is also handy while travelling, especially in those areas where power cuts are a usual affair. The non-toxic product is child-friendly and pet-friendly too. It is ideal if you are planning a picnic or an outdoor trip. Easy to take, an effective and lovely fragrance is its USP. What to watch out for: While this product is safe and made of the herbal ingredient, there are certain points that you must keep in mind. Keep the burning Incense stick away from any inflammable materials.Keep away from children.Store in a cool place.For external use only.Enjoy the herbal way to solve mosquito problemsFed up of mosquitoes buzzing in your ears and disturbing your sleep Want a herbal solution to it Try Mostick - Citronella Incense sticks, Mosquito Agarbatti. The product ensures the safety of your family by keeping life-threatening disease like Dengue and Malaria at bay. It is not only effective on mosquitoes but also keeps other pests like houseflies and fruit flies away. According to the National Pesticide Information Centre, citronella incense sticks are made of distilled natural oils from various plants that rather than killing, repels the mosquitoes cum pests. Hence making it all the more safe to use at home, especially with kids around. Herbal Strategi is very particular about the quality of the products, thereby making its product effective. Grab this amazing product and keep your family disease free and smiling.