Herbal Strategi Kitchen Cleaner Spray (Just Mop) - 500 ml

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Just Mop Spray- Herbal Kitchen Cleaner A spick and span environment with an effective insect repellent keeps your family healthy and happy. Just Mop Spray- Herbal Kitchen Cleaner is an ideal product that not only helps you keep the house or office sparkling clean but also keeps insects at bay. This biodegradable mop spray is made of plant extracts and natural oils so that it is not toxic in nature. Being eco-friendly and safe, it is the best substitute for a chemical-based product that can have a hazardous effect on your family members, especially children. The herbal household disinfectant is not only excellent for keeping your home clean but also has an amazing lemongrass fragrance that can also be used as a room freshener. When used on kitchen tops, this product repels houseflies as well as fruit flies. Just Mop spray can also be used effectively to clean your microwave, stove hobs and your chimney. Things you need to know: Pack Size:This herbal spray is available in two sizes: 500 ml and 5 litres. While a 100 ml bottle can last you for a month easily, 5 litres pack can last you for months together and is cost-effective. The Composition:At Herbal Strategi, we take our ingredients seriously. Here is what goes into making your Herbal Kitchen Cleaner: Each 100 ml contains: Cymbopogoncitriatus(Lemongrass Oil) : 5 ml Cedrusdeodara(Cedar Wood Oil) : 3 ml Pinuslongifolia(Pine Oil) : 2 ml Exciepients /Water: QS Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine How to Use it:The eco-friendly just-mop spray keeps any surface sparkling clean and prevents houseflies or fruit-flies. It has an aromatic fragrance that will always make your stay at home a luxurious affair. Here is what you need to do: Do not mix with acid or any other cleaner as it may not give you desired effect and can be harmful at times. Just spray directly on the surface and wait for a few seconds. Then wipe it with a clean cloth or napkin and get a well-looked after house. Where to use it:Just spray and feel the happiness of good health. The Just Mop Spray- Herbal Kitchen Cleaner provides you with an array of multi-purpose benefits. Get a sparkling clean kitchen or fridge or an oil-free chimney within a few seconds. The product not only looks after your household but is very effective in public places too. Now, hospitals, hotels or schools can easily maintain its sanitation at a high standard. Made of herbal product, the Herbal Strategi disinfectant is child-friendly and totally safe to use. What to watch out forWhile the disinfectant is a quick-fix option for maintaining the household without much effort, certain things must be kept in mind while using this product. The most important is to avoid direct contact with eyes, cuts and wounds. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on wooden polish surfaces. The last but not the least is it is meant for external use only. Get the feel of a well-looked after householdEven though a wide variety of mop sprays cleaners are available in the market, this herbal Strategi disinfectant will never disappoint you. The product's ayurvedic ingredients, a quick cleaning process and heavenly fragrance will surely enchant you. All you need to do is try this product once and get a life-changing and multi-purpose companion.