Herbal Strategi Herbal Bathroom Cleaner - 500 ml

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With all the thought we give to personal hygiene, we so often overlook parts of our home that can become a hotbed of germs. A dirty bathroom in an otherwise beautiful house is a distasteful experience for guests as well. Your bathroom is the ultimate bacteria host; E.coli can be found within six feet of the toilet and in the sink. From toothpaste dribbles to overspray from hair products, the lowly sink endures a daily barrage of dirt and grime. Soap scum, bath oil, hair products and body soil combine forces to assault the shining surface of the shower and tub, while tub rims, fixtures and faucets provide hiding places for moisture, mold and mildew. Apart from all these, calcium, lime, magnesium and iron, naturally found in hard water, attach to just about every surface they come across and can ruin your bathroom fixtures leaving white, crusty calcium deposits that turn the fixtures cloudy and dull. These deposits become more stubborn as they age, so tackle the stains and deposits at the earliest. But what if we told you it’s easy to get your bathroom in tip-top shape? Use Herbal Strategi’s eco-friendly and herbal Bathroom Cleaner. Just like all our range of products, this cleaner too is made of natural ingredients, devoid of animal products and testing. The Bathroom cleaner is armed with non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, including coconut-based surfactants which work extremely well in removing calcium deposits on the bathroom fixtures and faucets. It even removes the hard and stubborn stains on the tiles and walls. Things you need to know:Pack Size:Our Bathroom Cleaner is available in a 500 ml pack, which is valid for up to three years from the manufactured date. The Composition:This herbal bathroom cleaner is made of non-ionic cocoa, coconut-based surfactants, soap nut, lemon oils and water. How to Use it:Spray a small amount of our Herbal Bathroom Cleaner directly on sink, tubs, bathroom fittings or tiles. Using a soft brush, clean the area where the liquid is sprayed. Rinse with a damp cloth or water. Where to Use It:The cleaner can be used to clean every nook and crook of your bathroom area including sink, tiles, fixtures, faucets, walls and bathtubs. What to Watch Out For!This product should be kept away from children and pets.  One of the most important household cleaning tips to keep in mind while cleaning the bathroom is to avoid putting the cleaning liquid in contact with your eyes. If it does come in contact with your eye, flush with water immediately.  This cleaner is manufactured for external use only.