Herbal Strategi Floor Cleaner - 2 Litres

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Herbal Floor Cleaner(Surface Cleaner, Disinfectant and Insect Repellent) Hygiene is two-thirds of health. It is 100% un-negotiable when it comes to hygiene. But the cleaners available in the market are composed of harmful chemicals which affect the human body as well as our environment. Herbal Strategi's 100% Natural Floor Cleaner, Disinfectant and Insect Repellent is a revolutionary product which is free from harsh chemicals. This is a natural disinfectant. This Herbal Strategi product contains natural oils and plant extracts. This natural disinfectant is a versatile cleaning product. It not just cleanses stains but also does kill germs and act as a repellent to the insects. The refreshing lemongrass fragrance is a boon to this product. Pack Size:This herbal disinfectant comes in two sizes: 500 ml and 2 litres A composition of Herbal Surface Cleaner:At Herbal Strategi we make sure each ingredient is tested for quality. Here is what goes into making your natural disinfectant:Each 100ml contains Cymbopogoncitriatus (Lemongrass oil) 5mlCedrusdeodara (Cedar Wood Oil) : 3 mlPinuslongifolia (Pine Oil): 2mlExciepients : QSWater: QSHow to use it:Using it the right way in the right quantity gives you the maximum benefit of the product. Here is how you should use it - Add 15ml (1/2 Bottle Cap) to 4 litres (half bucket) of water and gently mop the floor/ any surface.For stubborn stains apply undiluted (without adding water). Mop with water after 5 minutes.Precautions:Make sure you do not mix this herbal disinfectant with acid or any other cleaner. Avoid direct contact with eyes, cuts and wounds. Keep out of reach of children. This product is manufactured for external use only. Why Herbal?The chemicals used in conventional cleaners not only pose health hazards when used in the long term but have an adverse effect on our environment too. When discharged through drains to water bodies, these chemicals form harmful derivatives which contaminate water as well as threaten aquatic creatures. Since most chemical floor cleaners are not biodegradable, they rejoin the water table, making for an unsafe environment. On the contrary, Just Mop - Herbal Surface Cleaner, Disinfectant, Insect Repellent is completely eco-friendly. This natural disinfectant is gentle on your hands and nails whereas it is harsh on stains, germs and bugs. It contains no toxic chemicals. It uses natural ingredients such as lemongrass, pine and cedarwood oils which have been widely used for medicine since ancient times. They have antifungal properties which make this a product germ-killer. This natural disinfectant does not cause irritation to your eyes or nose. Instead, it leaves a pleasant aroma. Say no to chemicals! Bring home our natural surface cleaner, disinfectant, insect repellent.