Herbal Strategi Dog Kennel Spray - 500 ml Refill - Animal-Friendly and Eco-Friendly

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No chemicals! No side-effects! Herbal Strategi's Kennel Spray will make your dog's kennel absolutely odour free and will prevent ticks and lice too. If you have been wondering which product to choose that will not harm your favourite pet, then this Dog Kennel Spray is the best one to pick. Made of herbal ingredients, the product is perfectly animal-friendly & is eco-friendly too. The plant extracts and aromatic oils used in its composition create freshness and boost your pets' mood. Now, your dog will enjoy staying in the kennel & you will not have to cover your nose before cleaning it. Things you need to know: Pack Size:This Herbal Strategi product comes in a pack of 100 ml. Spray and get a breath of fresh air. The composition of Dog Kennel Spray:Herbal Strategi uses the best quality ingredients to make its products. The company's air freshener cum anti-tick spray is considered as one of the best amongst its offerings. Here is what goes into the making of this product: Each 100 ml contains: Cedrus deodara, (Cedarwood oil): 6 mlAndropogon nardus, (Citronella Oil): 6 mlCymbopogon Citratus,(Lemongrass Oil): 10 mlAzadirachta Indica, (Neem Oil): 4 mlExcipients QS API,AFIAyurvedic Veterinary Proprietary MedicineHow to Use it:For a tick free and odour free Kennel, this is one of the best herbal product that you can find. Here is how to use it: Remove cap and insert the trigger sprayRemove the dog from the kennelSpray 12 -16 sprays twice a week in the kennel space, covering the whole area, corners, crevices, door area, etc.Allow the dog to enter the kennel only after 60 minutes of spraying Where to use Kennel Spray:Spray the kennel twice a week and see the distinct change. No more being languorous or disgruntled while thinking of passing the kennel or cleaning it. Just spray all around and inside the kennel, but don't use it on the floor. Check that all the nooks and corners have been covered. The product not only makes the area odour free but also leaves behind a mild fragrance that makes the dog comfortable. What to watch out for!This 100% eco-friendly product does not have any side effects and is best suited for your dog. Some of the things that you should keep in mind while using the product are: Do not spray on the body of dog and floor of the kennelAvoid direct contact with eyes, cuts, and woundsKeep away from children and direct flameStore in a cool placeAvoid exposure to direct sunlightFor external use onlyMake your dog feel at home Herbal Strategi's Kennel Spray is the best substitute for chemical-based products available in the market. A dog's health and well-being are directly co-related to a family's health, especially when there are small kids in the family. We share all our happiness and sorrows with our most-loved pets and reciprocally, they give us unconditional love. So, gift your dog with this product and make his Kennel odour free.