Herbal Strategi Bed Bug Spray - 100 ml

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Natural Bed Bugs Spray: Eliminate bed bugs (khatmal) without the use of chemicals A bedbug-infested house is one of the most common complaints that are made to household cleaning services. Bedbugs not only spread infections and cause diseases, but also make a home uncomfortable to live in. Pest control is required to keep the household healthy and clean. If you have suffered through an attack of bedbugs in the past, add the Herbal bedbug (khatmal) repellent spray to your usual list of household cleaning products. Unlike other household disinfectants, this herbal bed bug spray is made of organic components, such as plant extracts and aromatic oils, which are 100% herbal in nature. The absence of any chemicals makes the cleaner non-toxic and side-effect free. This BugSpray is highly efficient, gets rid of eggs, nymph and adult sized bed bugs. It prevents re-infestation by ensuring that once it has been sprayed, the eggs are not allowed to hatch. Mess-Free usage makes the Bugspray comfortable and fuss-free to use. The fact that it is an eco-friendly, cruelty-free product is added advantages that make it the best bed bug spray in India. Things you need to know:Pack Size:This herbal bed bug (khatmal) spray is available in a 100 ml pack. The Composition:Every 100ml of this herbal khatmal repellent contains many herbal ingredients including: Cymbopogon Citratus, Bhutila,Oil: 9mlCedrus deodara, Deva daru,Oil: 10mlAzadurachta indica, Nimba,Oil: 15mlExcipients: QS Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine How to Use it:
    The bed bug spray is easy to use. It is important to open the windows and doors of the bedroom before use. After inserting the trigger sprayer, the mattress needs to be removed from the cot and placed on the ground. The beading area which covers the upper and lower side of the mattress must be examined for white coloured eggs. If there is a presence of eggs, the trigger should be placed close to the eggs and sprayed so that they get wet. This will not allow the eggs to hatch. Bed Bug (khatmal) Spray should now be sprayed on crevices and gaps on all the six sides of the cot The nozzle of the spray should be kept as close to the crevice as possible while spraying. After a few minutes, the bedbugs will be seen coming out of the crevices. At this point, Bugspray needs to be sprayed directly onto the bugs, so that they are covered with the spray. The aromatic oils dissolve the cuticle of the bed bugs. After spraying, the cot can be cleaned up and the room can be used after 2 hours.
    This routine should be conducted twice every day for 10 days so that all the bed bugs are eliminated totally.
Where to use it:This Bed Bug Spray can be sprayed onto the mattresses, cots and the crevices present in the cot. The spray should not be used on the body, clothes, floor and the main wall area. What to watch out forDirect contact with eyes, cuts, and wounds needs to be avoided. One of the most important households cleaning tips while using the repellent is to switch the fan off while using. This BugSpray should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.