0.015 kg
Rs. 46.00
Weight Option: 12 sticks

Get ready to finally set some pure and quality incense on!
What we offer is not a bunch of rolled chemicals on a stick but traditional incense sticks that are enhanced with organic essential oils and resin that are aimed to promote love, peace, and harmony with every light. Every fragrance is a unique class of its own. The use of such chemical free sticks have been with us since ancient times and keep one to the devotional and spiritual side of the human culture. It has been used as the organic way of cleansing the air and authentically preparing one’s mind for the task at hand. Our incense sticks are rolled in small batches by our women on wooden planks. This helps preserve the essences within the oils.

Ingredients: All Natural Wooden sticks, Organic Essential oils, Han rolled Makko, Joss powder, No Synthetic fragrances, no toxic ingredients. Our products are never mass produced.

Suggested Use: Choose your fragrance based upon your emotional preference, light the stick and place in a wooden incense holder. Make sure to rid the ashes resulting from the incense after use especially if people with wheezing, asthma, or dusty allergies are near in order to avoid any discomfort.