Divine Oil [Massage Oil]

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This traditional Ayruvedhic massage oil is indeed divinity with its ability to relax and tone by being a therapeutic oil. Either apply it yourself onto aching muscles  & massage gently with your bare hands to comfort and allow your mind to set off the strenuous exercise of the day or get someone massage for you; sometimes we could use more than two hands. Give yourself the chance to get away from your dull everyday routine into just being yourself surrounded by the gentle yet dominative fragrance of our organic massage oil that’ll sure steal your senses away into a world of pure love, peace , laughter.  As you achieve a harmony with your body and soul, you’ll feel the love and care that we at Bio Organic & Natural have put into this oil by hand, just for you! Enjoy!

Directions: BON’s Divine oil is suitable for individuals of all constitutions (basically everyone); Pitta, Vata, Kapha, and all combinations of physical nature. In the case of a cold, runny nose, asthma, wheezing, and problems caused by humidity, apply 2 drops gently on the nose, eyebrows, neck/throat, and chest for relief. In case of joint pain & back pain, apply uniformly on affected area and massage gently.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Lemon Peel, Amla, Organic Eucalyptus oil, Country Camphor, Organic Sesame oil, Cora, Organic Coconut oil, Takkolam, Pirappam Rhizome