Bio - Liquid Dish Wash
Bio - Liquid Dish Wash

Bon Organics

Bio - Liquid Dish Wash

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Here’s our every environment friendly and safe solution to dish washing. It’s safer, better, cleaner, and greener than the regular dish washing liquids. It’s suitable for hard & soft water, free of nasty chemicals, and 100% biodegradable. We care for you and your environment by facilitating sparkling clean dishes in all water types. The end water may be used to water pants; it’s healthy! 100% handmade product.

Directions: Bon Organics' Liquid dish wash is to be used diluted with some water. You may choose to you it directly, that ok, but ensure your scrubbing sponge is wet in order produce greater foam.

Ingredients: Organic oils, wood ash, natural lemon extract, demineralised water, tamarind, plant based extracts. No artificial colours. No foam boasters. No Polluting ingredients. Extremely gentle on the skin. 100% handmade product