Aloe gel with Blueberry & grape fruit

0.11 kg
Rs. 230.00

This gel has a unique aroma resulting from the combination of aloe vera with blueberry and grapefruit extract. The gel was primarily designed to please the male senses however as the resulting properties of this gel suit all types of skin and serve the needs of both men and women, the alovera gel has turned out to be an excitement with both genders. The effective properties of these fruits and plant help to effectively restore the skin while firming maturing skin. The sweet ad lower toned fragrance of this gel is highly favored by men who wish to hydrate and soften rough skin that may be a result of razor blades.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera jelly, Essential oil of Blueberry, Essential oil of Grapefruit, Natural Glycerin, Lemon oil, & Salinatural (Natural preservative) - May contain organic pigments to balance the colour of every batch.