Activated Almond Butter 175g

0.175 kg
Rs. 420.00

Almond is a good source of healthy fats, fiber and protein. At Dhatu, almonds are soaked, dried at low temperature and slow roasted to produce delicious activated almond butter. Soaking process disarms the enzyme inhibitors and activates the dormant almonds. Anti-nutrients like phytic acid levels are reduced thereby improving the digestion and nutrient assimilation in the body. How to Store the Product? Store in a cool and dry place. To retain freshness for long time, it can be stored in refrigerator. Since it is all natural almond butter without any added stabilizers, oil will separate and collect on the top of the butter. How to Use the Product ?Use it as spread for breads or with roasted vegetables. It can be used as a dipping for fruits or use it in a milk shake! Scoop a spoonful of butter and mix it in water to make delicious vegan almond milk! Additionally it can be used for baking. Mix any oil on the top before scooping the butter.