ABCD The Second Life Upcycled Poster Set Of 5

0.5 kg
Rs. 600.00

A set of five beautiful floral pattern gift wrapping papers made out of reusing/up-cycling discarded film posters and a traditional printing techniques of India, Block printing. Block printing is a hand made process of printing, which is energy efficient and Eco-friendly.

These are an average sizes film poster measuring 95 cm X 67 cm. A perfect fit to gift pack any of your gifts or may be a gift in itself to inspire the idea of reusing.
These are three colour prints.

IMPACT through Design

  • We use only discarded film poster to produce these papers to make it Eco-friendly.
  • The printing process is completely hand held and consumes no energy while printing.
  • The printing of this papers is done by an NGO which employees differently-able persons and creates livelihood opportunities for the