ABCD The Second Life Goggle Case Upcycled Tyre Tube + Recycled Felt

0.5 kg
Rs. 700.00

These goggle cases are hand cut and made from discarded tire tubes. They have an inner lining of recycled felt that forms a soft cushioned surface for the spectacles. The cases make a good environmentally conscious substitute for the existing cases in the market. The tire tubes have a long life span and durability.

These are best as a case for spectacles and googles.

IMPACT through Design

  • The structure is hand made and constructed and consume no unnecessary energy through the process.
  • The felt is 100% recycled and is made from plastic waste.
  • The rubber tubes are the rejects and discarded tubes thrown away due to excessive wear and tear and punctures.

These are individually tied with a paper strip and then parceled together in a shipping box with protective paper covers.