Herbal Strategi Thermal Fogging Outdoor (Just Spray) Eco-Friendly - 500 ml

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Herbal Thermal Fogging Outdoor - Just Spray Thermal Fogger Keep mosquitoes, cockroaches, and flies at bay with Herbal Thermal Fogging - Just Spray. This herbal thermal fogging solution is the safest way to kill or repel pests without the use of any chemical. Now, discard those dangerous chemical products andadopt this superb herbal product that is 100% Eco-friendly and effective. Covering nose and mouth with a nose rag and almost choking while spraying or fogging will soon be a thing of the past. Just Spray leaves behind a gentle lemongrass fragrance that soothes your nerves. Energise & charge yourself to fight pests without discomfort! Pack Size:The herbal fogging spray comes in a 500 ml bottle. The pack can easily last for over a month, relying upon how frequently used.

How to Use Herbal Just Spray Thermal Fogger:

The Herbal Strategi fogging spray is made of Neem oil, Cedarwood oil, Lemongrass oil and Citronella oil. The formulation made is extremely effective and covers a large distance. Here is what you need to do: Pour 30 ml of Just Spray into 1 litre of kerosene or diesel. Pour the contents into the thermal fogging machine & fog outdoor. Where to use it:This Just Spray - Herbal fogging spray is meant to be used outdoors and in public places. It can be used all around the society parks, apartment, drainage pipes leading to kitchen or bathroom, rubbish cans or dumpsters, etc. Natural ingredients like plant extracts and aromatic oil have used in the formulation of herbal thermal fogging. It is completely safe and easy to use. This herbal thermal fogging product is tried and tested and is absolutely non-toxic. What to watch out forThis product is effective and reasonable and is a perfect product to be used in any situation. Some of the things that you should keep in mind before using this product are: For outdoor use only Keep away from direct flame. Avoid direct contact with cuts, wounds, and eyes Keep away from children Store in a cool place A lifesaver productAre you living in an area where mosquitoes are a lot in number then the human population, Then immediately use Herbal Thermal Fogger - Just Spray. Although, "prevention is better than cure"is one of the most cliched phrases that exist, but the reality is that this phrase is the perfect mantra for a healthy existence. So grab this herbal mosquito fogging product and give your family a better & safe future.