Herbal Strategi Rat Repellent Cake (50g) - Non-Toxic and Biodegradable - 1 Pack

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Herbal Strategi Rat Repellent Cake Are you being taunted by 4 legged terrorists, Rats? These rodents are everywhere; you can find them in your kitchen, yard, shed, house, shops and they can even invade your vehicle to do considerable damage. Mice and rat invasions are cumbersome and often expensive. They chew on through materials & litter surfaces with bedding and droppings. If you're wondering how to get rid of rats, but find it inhumane to kill the rodents in traps, we have got you covered. Introducing Herbal Strategi's Herbal Rat Cake. This Herbal Rat repellent is a natural product that consists of bio-degradable ingredients such as pure Citronella Oil, Neem Oil and Cedarwood Oil.It is an ideal alternative to chemical and poisonous rodent traps and baits, as it works to repel the rodents through scent, without harming the animals. After a couple of visits, these rodents will associate the sensation with your yard or garden and learn to avoid the area. Voila! Problem solved- It is definitely a safer and better option! The Composition:Let's look into the contents of the product:Each 100 ml contains: Citronella oil: 15 ml Neem Oil: 5 ml Cedarwood oil: 5 ml Excipients: Q.S

How to Use Herbal Rat Cake:

Remove the outer lid and take out the inner lid and plastic covering. Insert back the outer lid so that the cake is now exposed to the air. Place the container in areas where there is rodent infestation (under the vehicles, in retails outlets such as Electrical shops, Grocery shops, Supermarkets, Kirana stores, etc.). Ideal to use in closed or semi-closed spaces. The fumes of the Aromatic oils from one container will cover an area of 100 sq.ft and will last for 25-30 days. Once the cake in the container disappears, replace with a new container. What to watch out forStore in a cool place. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes, cuts and wounds. Keep away from children and direct flame. This product is for external use only.