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Eco Friendly and Safe toys, Handcrafted Lacware wooden toys, Traditional Channapatna lacware techniques, Certified to International Toy safety standards
CHITTE is a Do-it-Yourself pull toy with flapping wings. In the south Indian language of Kannada, Chitte means butterfly. This toy has a handcrafted wooden body made by lacware artisans of Channapatna and interchangeable paper wings that can be coloured and assembled. Chitte also has a set of preprinted coloured wings so that it is ready for play,for your little one. Three sets of different wing patterns are provided for colouring and cutting and to create your own beautiful butterfly. You can introduce your child to the wonderful world of butterflies by involving him/her in the making of Chitte.
Length: 205 MM
Width: 200 MM
Height: 75 MM
Color: Multi
Fabric/Material: Wood, lac and Paper