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Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are slowly gaining ground and why wouldn’t they? They provide natural skincare and offer a much safer way to solve skin-related problems than their chemical counterparts.

For a long time, chemical cosmetics have dominated the market, and it wasn’t until recently that a greener alternative was discovered.

When cosmetics are applied on your skin, your body ends up absorbing a majority of the compounds from the product, with no easy way to flush them out. So, when you use chemical cosmetics that contain mercury, alcohol, ammonium sulphate, and the likes, you end up with rashes, dry skin, skin irritation, or something worse.

The components of organic cosmetic products, on the other hand, are extracted from plants and flowers that possess natural nutrients, which will keep your skin healthy. For a more holistic consumer experience, organic cosmetics are produced in a sustainable, ethical, and environment and animal-friendly manner. Visit Orgreencly, an online marketplace, where you can shop for organic cosmetics and all things green.

Health & Wellness

While whole foods should be our primary source of vitamins and minerals, organic dietary supplements can be consumed to correct the imbalances of poor dietary habits.

Supplements derived from organically grown plants possess a higher level of nutrients and have a lower amount of toxins when compared to synthetic supplements. These supplements also come in the form of herbal remedies for anxiety and stress, as well as, natural oils that reduce the pace at which bacteria, fungi, and viruses develop within the body. One of the main benefits of organic supplements is that they lower the risk of heart disease. Organic supplements such as omega 3 found in flaxseed and fish oil, resulting in lower cholesterol levels.

So, people who depend on concentrated doses of vitamins and other supplements should opt for organic nutritional supplements or they can shake things up a bit with whey proteins. All of this is available at Orgreencly, an online marketplace for everything organic.

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